Copy of Lemon Cashew Protein Balls

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1.5 cups (230g) raw cashews 

1.5 cups (125g) desiccated coconut 

1 tspn pure vanilla powder 

1/8 tspn salt 

Blitz to fine powder then add 

2 tbspns soft coconut oil

2 tbspns raw honey 

1 lemon - both zest and juice 

Blitz all together - then roll into small balls - coat in desiccated coconut - freeze for 1 hr to set.

Recipe from: begoodorganics

  • Protect against heart disease.

  • Helps treat malnutrition because it is easy to digest. 

  • Kills disease-causing bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses because of the antimicrobial effects of its fatty acids. 

  • Helps diabetics by slowing sugar release into the bloodstream. 

  • Prevents strokes and brain disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. 

  • Boosts metabolism and increases energy because it is more likely to be burned as fuel than stored as body fat.