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Our aim is to educate, inspire and motivate you all into being the healthiest and happiest humans you can be.


The Fitness Avenue team are here for YOU - to support you, to listen, to guide you and to help you achieve your goals.


Jodi has trained all her life and knows what a difference it makes to be fit and healthy. Personal Training is an opportunity to pass over her experience and knowledge, and to transfer her crazy amounts of energy by motivating and challenging you.​​​

After competing in both the Sydney 2000 and 2004 Olympic Game’s in Athens, Jodi was faced with the big question of ‘what to do’ with her life. She found her choice to be an easy one and to stick with what she knew!​​

After studying and outdoor training, great results and feedback from clients inspired Jodi to open up her own training studio. This goal was achieved goal when ‘Fitness Avenue’ opened its doors to the world!​ in 2006.

Jodi loves a laugh and good time. She has the ability to make exercise enjoyable and will challenge you with realistic expectations.


Cert IV Master Trainer

Cert III Gym Instructor

Fitness for Women (01792FA0909)

Pre & Post Natal Fitness (01988FA0311)

Cutting Edge Core Training (FA0411)

Knee, Shoulder and Lumbar Spine Injury Prevention and Rehab ( FA0212)

Associate Diploma of Business Administration

Current Senior first aid certificate (HLTFA 301B)

Registered Fitness Professional with ‘Fitness NSW’ and ‘Fitness Australia’

Modern Pregnancy Exercise 2018

Modern Post Natal Exercise 2018

Creative Battle Rope, Kettlebell and Interval Training Sessions 2016


6 - Step Restore Your Core Program 2015



Dual Olympian - Rowing

Dual World Champion – Rowing

National medalist in swimming – Backstroke​​​​​​​​​

NSW Representative Netball Player


​​Lauren loves how great physical activity makes her feel and loves sharing that experience through coaching others. She has worked with clients of all backgrounds, ages and abilities. From primary school swim squads to strength training for the elderly. From high intensity interval training to recovery and stretching.


Lauren really enjoys working with people towards their individual health goals. Since beginning her fitness career 7 years ago, she has learned the right patience and communication to teach individuals how to effectively train their bodies in a fun and safe environment.


Lauren always been involved in sports on a competitive level so she fell into movement and body work naturally. Her simple training philosophy is: ‘Move more and eat better’.

Cert III & Cert IV Master Trainer
ASCA Level 1 Strength & Conditioning
Level 1 - Kettlebell Training
Level 1 - TRX Training

  • High energy and always upbeat

  • You’ll know Lauren by her voice and American accent

  • Has a coaching firmness and intensity for results

  • Recovery is her favourite thing so she always tends to go overtime with stretching



Anthony would have to be one of the nicest people we know! He is highly motivated and knowledgeable as a personal trainer and will take care of all your individual needs.


Anthony’s experience and personality blend really well to make him a fun yet very good trainer. He is very strict on technique and will give you a push when needed.


He is experienced in all aspects of group training from X-Training, Tabata, HIIT and Boxing classes. Emphasis on professionalism and creating rapport with clients and colleagues.


Corrective Exercise Specialist
Functional ageing & exercising


Functional Training Strength



Alice is a compassionate but highly motivating personal trainer who loves seeing individuals reach their health and fitness goals! She has a very positive energy, great knowledge & will love helping you achieve your health & fitness goals. One of her favourite sessions to take is the Boxing Fitness or 1on1 Boxing sessions.

During her teens Alice found a passion for strength training and needing to
work towards a more balanced life. She believes that balance is the key to
everything and an essential part to creating a sustainable health and
fitness routine. Alice has been training in traditional thai kickboxing
(Muay Thai) for 7 years and has recently been working hard to win her
fights. She strongly believes that finding physical activities that make you
feel excited is the key to sustainability.

Watching clients grow and evolve throughout their journey is the reason
Alice loves what she does. By providing a safe and motivating environment
she allows all individuals to blossom and become their best selves!


Cert 3 & 4 in Sports Fitness, Group Training & Personal Training 
Certificate for Training Kids & Teenagers
Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science 

Oli's Headshot.jpg


Oli, who is known as the ‘task master’ brings great energy and ideas to the team. He certainly doesn’t hold back with correcting technique, encouraging you & pushing when needed.. 


Oli has great interest in hypertrophy training (strength & conditioning). He has a background in Basketball & years in hospitality & is super excited to be in a job that he’s passionate about. He loves helping his clients achieve their goals & to have fun while doing it. Oli trained himself with a goal to gain strength & muscle mass.. So going from 70 kgs to 90 kgs in muscle mass, you could say he succeeded & feels great for it.. We hope you’ll come & train with Oli soon..


CERT 3 & 4 in Personal Training 



Stephanie is full of knowledge & encouragement & cannot wait to train & help you all to feel your best.


Stephanie has moved out here from Lebanon & calls Sydney home. She completed her 'Masters in Physiotherapy' in Belgium, has been Personal Training for the last 5 years, helping people get back into sports & helping them do it around their injuries. Stephanie has great passion and interest in Mobility work & strengthening with the body. Stephanie loves running (maybe not love), hiking & lifting weights. She also loves the Winter, skiing is one of her favourite activities. Stephanie's FITNESS GOAL, is to finish an Ironwoman event before she turns 35 :) Go Steph!!


Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Certified Pre/Post-natal Instructor

Physical Therapist 


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