Jodi Winter
I have trained all my life and know what a difference it makes to be fit and healthy. It seemed that Personal Training was the only path for me. It’s an opportunity for me to pass over experience and knowledge, and to transfer my crazy amounts of energy by motivating and challenging you.​​​

After competing in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, my decision was to train and continue for another 4years. Then on my return from competing in the 2004 Olympic Game’s in Athens, I was faced with the big question of ‘what to do’ with my life. I found my choice to be an easy one and to stick with what I know!​​

So I began my studies and outdoor training and loved it. The great results and feedback from clients inspired and drove me to open up my own training studio. On the 6th October 2005 I achieved my goal and​ ‘ Fitness Avenue’ opened its doors to the world!​​​​​​



Dual Olympian - Rowing (Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 in W8+)​​
Dual World Champion – Rowing (Switzerland W8+ 2001 & Spain W4- 2002)
National medalist in swimming – 1992​/1993 200m Backstroke​​​​​​​​​
NSW Representative Netball Player – 1992​​​​
Currently playing ‘A’ grade netball​​​​


Cert IV Master Trainer
Cert III Gym Instructor
Fitness for Women (01792FA0909)
Pre & Post Natal Fitness (01988FA0311)
Cutting Edge Core Training (FA0411)
Knee, Shoulder and Lumbar Spine Injury Prevention and Rehab ( FA0212)
Associate Diploma of Business Administration
Current Senior first aid certificate (HLTFA 301B)
Registered Fitness Professional with ‘Fitness NSW’ and ‘Fitness Australia’


‘Loves a laugh and good time’
Has the ability to make exercise enjoyable
Will challenge you with realistic expectations
Has an endless amount of positive energy


I love how great physical activity makes me feel and I love sharing that experience through coaching others. 


I have worked with clients of all backgrounds, ages and abilities. From primary school swim squads to strength training for the elderly. From high intensity interval training to recovery and stretching. I really enjoy working with people towards their individual health goals. 

Since beginning my fitness career 3 years ago, I have learned the right patience and communication to teach individuals how to effectively train their bodies in a fun and safe environment.  


I’ve always been involved in sports (soccer, softball, swimming), I fell into movement and bodywork naturally. 


My simple training philosophy is: ‘Move more and eat better’ 





Cert IV Master Trainer 



High energy and always upbeat 

You’ll know me by my voice and American accent

Has a coaching firmness and intensity for results 

Recovery is my favourite thing so I always tend to go overtime with stretching.




  • I’m American born but Aussie raised - military kid

  • My mother is a wildlife rescuer so I grew up on acreage with kangaroos, possums, wallabies and wombats as pets!

  • My party trick is that I can impersonate dolphin noises

  • Film and television producer turned health coach and fitness buff

  • My passion in fitness is to help individuals be the best version of themselves while having fun!

Trent McLachlan
My background is in Ski Instructing. Having spent 7 seasons teaching skiing and snowboarding, I felt my natural progression was Personal Training. Having being involved in sport and resistance traning from a young age,the thrill I got from watching people of all ages improve their skiing, is now carrying over to helping people of all ages improve their lives.

While I am confident in all aspects of Personal Training, my strengths are Nutritional Advice, Functional Weight Loss, Fitness and Toning. Body Building and Ski Fitness.

One of my happiest successes was motivating a lady to lose 20kg, thus allowing her to completely come off her heart medication.

I have been a Personal Trainer now for 4 years and find I am always learning new ideas and tips for safe, fun and interesting sessions.

My training philosophy: "Today is a good day to exercise"





Cert IV Master Trainer
Punchfit Trainer


PSIA Level I
AASI Level I