All our small group sessions are designed to suit all ages and fitness levels, and are fun, challenging and social.

We accommodate your needs, and help you focus on your goals such as fat loss, muscle tone, body shaping, fitness and strength.​

Intro offer : 14 days for $14


Our Fit Strength sessions are fun and challenging all in one. If you want to get stronger, fitter & healthier, all while enjoying the process, these sessions are for you. They consist of interval cardio work, strength work that can be specific to your needs, big functional movement exercises, core strengthening, boxing, flexibility work, music and lots of motivation!

Our main feedback is our clients are never bored and that time flies when they are here.


If you're battling muscle soreness after workouts or sport, finding certain movements are becoming restricted, feeling stressed and exhausted or feeling like your balance is getting worse? This session is for you. Relax, balance and unwind as we take you through a variety of balance work, and a full body stretch focused at increasing mobility, stiffness and preventing injury. We will work our magic to help improve balance, and always end the session with some unwind/ de-stress breathing.


A combination of boxing, core work, strength work. You will gain huge cardio fitness and upper body strength, not to mention core work and fun times. We will cater to all levels, so please don't be shy or put off thinking it will be too hard for you. Give it a go, and see what you think. These sessions will be 45 minutes.


The Repair & Rebuild session is for those with niggles & weaknesses who want them gone for good. We will personalise the exercises to suit your needs depending on what area or areas you want to work on. This session will strengthen joints to prevent injuries and will release tension and stiffness. We will prepare a great session with a combination of exercises specific to your needs, mobility work, stretches, releasing joints/ sore muscles & a whole lot of goodness.


Butts, Bands & Core has a mat intensive focus to tone the whole body. Strong glutes and core will support a healthy back & good posture. It is low impact, high burn, full body workout using body weight, dumbbells and bands exercises. We run this on Thursday 7:10am & Wednesday 4:15pm.