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Boxing Your Way to a Toned Upper Body

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

With so much conflicting information on television and on the internet, it can be quite confusing to work out what kind of physical activity and exercise best suits you.

Most of us want the best bang for our buck – an exercise schedule that not only compliments our daily lifestyle, but also gets fast results.

Many people lose motivation in the gym because of the repetitive nature of their training schedule. They just find lifting weights boring; it’s as simple as that.


To keep working out and staying healthy, you need to eliminate boredom. Doing some activity that involves interacting with others is a great option - team sports, a fitness class, or a private coaching session. Or why not try boxing…

Boxing has the following benefits:

1. Reduces Flabby Skin.

Boxing stimulates muscle fibres in your arms that are often neglected in your primary workouts. Your biceps and triceps are engaged depending on the specific punch you throw. Biceps are known to be stimulated more when you throw hooks and uppercuts, whereas triceps are stimulated when you extend your arm.

So, if you’re looking to say ‘good riddance’ to your flappy and weak arms, then boxing is a great tool for you to do just that!

2. Strengthens Core.

All the bobbing and weaving that you will do over and over will give you a rock solid core. Your abs will harden, your oblique muscles will tighten and your lower back will strengthen. Also, bracing to get hit in the stomach will strengthen your transversus abdominis which supports the abdominal wall, compresses the abdomen and stabilizes the spine, acting similar to a built-in weight belt.

3. Helps Shoulder Muscles Grow.

Hitting the boxing bag or mitts will work your scapular muscles and shoulder deltoids. The proper technique of a powerful punch goes through several sequences. It starts off with force that comes from the legs and moves through the torque created by your midsection, and then transferred to the chest. The final motion of the strike will then be channelled to the shoulder.

4. Improved Coordination.

Last, but not least enhanced hand-eye coordination. Boxing involves a lot of footwork as well as executing manoeuvres at the split of a second. Any type of exercise needs an enormous amount of hand-eye coordination.

Come along to one of our boxing classes at Fitness Avenue, every Monday 5:30pm & Wednesday 6:15am.


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