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5 Easy Ways To Feel Great For Spring: Shake Off Winter Habits!

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Spring is in the air, and it's time to shake off those winter cobwebs and embrace the fresh vibes of the season! As a small group personal training studio catering to those aged 40 and up, we're here to help you get your mindset ready for a spring refresh. Say goodbye to hibernation mode and hello to rejuvenation mode with these fun and effective tips:

  1. GET MOVING: Say goodbye to winter sluggishness by getting active! Easier said than done? Grab a friend & organise regular walks. If not that, come & join our SMALL GROUPS that are designed to suit all levels of strength & fitness (especially mature aged clients). Nothing better than trying something new, for a NEW SEASON! Embrace the power of movement that'll leave you feeling more energetic than ever.

  2. FRESHEN UP YOUR PLATE: Spring-clean your pantry by ditching heavy comfort foods for lighter, nutritious options. Out with the winter stews, in with colourful salads and seasonal fruits. Get down to your local farmers markets (Friday morning in Narrabeen for the Northern beaches locals) for vibrant, wholesome ingredients that nourish your body and soul.

  3. WARDROBE SWAP OVER: Pack away some of those winter layers and make space for springtime attire. Try on last season's Spring and Summer clothes, and work out what you want to keep or let go of.. Treat yourself to a new ‘workout’ outfit. Feeling good in your fitness gear can be a great motivator!

  4. MINDSET MAKEOVER: Shift your mindset from winter's cozy comforts to spring's opportunities. Set exciting fitness goals for yourself – whether it's mastering a new exercise or achieving a certain level of strength or just creating a kick ass routine that you can stick to. Start now, so that once Spring is here, you have already done the hard work.

  5. PRIORITISE SOME ‘ME TIME’: Hands up if you’re guilty of putting everyone else's needs (and that includes work) before yours? It’s time to start putting some self care & personal needs into your calendar. When did you last take time to journal, meditate and or sit and watch the sunrise? When did you last have a facial, massage or a night away with a friend? There is something there for all levels of budget & they will all improve your wellness.

Breaking Out of Winter Habits: Tips To Get Your Started
  • Start Small: Tackling big changes all at once can be overwhelming. Begin by incorporating one new habit at a time – maybe it's a morning stretch routine or a daily fruit snack.

  • Create a Schedule: Set a consistent workout schedule that works for you. A regular routine helps break the cycle of winter inertia.

  • Mindful Eating: Before reaching for a snack, ask yourself if you're genuinely hungry or just seeking comfort. Practise mindful eating to curb unnecessary winter snacking.

  • Nature's Call: Spend time outdoors every day, soaking up sunlight and fresh air. It helps reset your body clock and boost your mood.

  • Celebrate Progress: Pat yourself on the back for every achievement, no matter how small. Celebrating your wins can motivate you to keep pushing forward.

Spring is the season of renewal – and at FITNESS AVENUE, we're here to guide you every step of the way. Let's kick those winter habits to the curb and embrace the vibrant energy of spring together. Get ready to feel GREAT.. Make sure you take advantage of our SPRING OFFER


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