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Updated: Aug 5, 2022

HOW GOOD IS FREEDOM post lockdown? Well it has been a couple of months now, but still pretty nice.

Hands up if you normally find it hard to keep a lid on things through December and January, especially post ‘lockdown’? The novelty of seeing friends and getting out is REAL!! And we deserve some fun and shenanigans after a tough and testing year right?

HOW DO YOU FIND THAT BALANCE? How long is it ok to let the hair down for? Or even make some positive changes?

WANT TO KNOW MY BEST 5 TIPS on how to keep a good balance with life? Keep it simple & it comes down to doing a lot of small things that will make a difference. Then you can have the best of both worlds.

1. KEEP UP YOUR EXERCISE ROUTINE No matter what! Plan your social outings around these times. If you have your set training days or even plan at least 2 or 3 gym sessions a week, make sure you keep these up. If you have to swap days, no problem, do a makeup session on another day. If you need a great place to train, book into our small group sessions.

2. ALCOHOL FREE days If you enjoy alcohol, then PLAN at least 3 to 4 alcohol FREE days. This will balance out those heavier drinking days, reduce calorie intake, give your liver a rest, and you’ll have better sleep. If you’re going through menopause, then this is very much for you! Sorry to say but alcohol will make all your menopause symptoms worse.

3. HYDRATE This is an easy one to forget, yet such an easy one to improve. Start your day with a warm water & fresh lemon juice drink to help your digestion, flush out toxins and cleanse the liver. It will hydrate your body, all while giving it a boost of Vitamin C. Then throughout the day, remember to drink up!! Water will help with weight loss, give you more energy & will help keep those headaches away. Make sure you drink extra water after you exercise.

4. SLEEP Quality of sleep can turn to sh#t at this time of year due to stressful working days and a busy social calendar. We all know that if you have a boozy night, you can fall asleep easily but the quality of sleep is never good. So try to get at least 8 hrs sleep a night when you can. Well before sleep time, turn off the TV, get off your phones and computers and slow your mind down. Take time to do some slow, deep breathing before bed or listen to a sleep meditation. Sleep is the time for our bodies to recover and prepare for the next day.

5. ADD MORE FRUIT & VEG TO YOUR DIET Too busy to shop and cook your healthy meal? NEVER!! Or maybe you’re eating out a lot more? More reason to add extra fruit & vegetables to your diet. There’s no excuse these days with such easy access to online shopping. Have your fruit & veg delivered to your doorstep. Snack on fruit, make sure you load up your plate with vegetables for lunch and dinner. Summer foods that are easy are salads or BBQ’d vegetable kebabs (with some meat on there for protein).

Simple but very effective! If you need some more advice or accountability, we are here for you.. we have our 6 WEEK HEALTH KICK CHALLENGE starting Monday 10th January. Who’s keen to start the year feeling fabulous? FIND OUT MORE


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