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I have a great interest in training women who are pregnant or recovering from giving birth - many of my friends and sisters are at that stage in their lives. I have really enjoyed helping and providing safe, effective programs that focus on maintaining the health of the mother and foetus throughout the pregnancy, and then to gradually progress the mother back to full recovery after delivery.​​​​​​​

Five years ago when I did my Personal Training Course, “Pre and Post Natal Exercise” was a compulsory part of my studies. In April 2009, I completed another Pre and Post Natal course to further my knowledge and skills for ‘pre and post natal’ exercise. I have now successfully trained over 30 women during their pregnancy and many more through their ‘post natal’ stage.

It is important to get your body healthy and strong for conception, for a smooth and easy pregnancy, and then to prepare for a good, strong recovery after delivery.


The most common questions asked by women are: ​​

  • If I am trying to get pregnant, is it safe and a good idea to exercise?
  • I am pregnant. Can I start a new exercise program?
  • How long do I have to wait until I can exercise after having the baby?
  • How long will it take to get my ‘pre baby body’ back? 

Most pregnant women want to know what you are allowed to do while pregnant. This is a very good question and it is very important to follow the guidelines. As with any normal exercise program, everyone is different and has specific do’s and don'ts depending on injury, pain or condition. This is even more important with pregnancy and post delivery as a woman’s body is put through great stress and many have difficulties along the way.

Exercise during your pregnancy has stages (just like pregnancy). The program changes as the baby is growing and advancing through the trimesters. It is very important to adjust the program to the stages of pregnancy. Fitness levels vary for every pregnant woman which will affect the workload. The exercises focus on managing posture and structural variances to prevent any muscular and/or skeletal pain throughout pregnancy.

If you would like to know more and want to make sure you have a great pregnancy, you should come to Fitness Avenue!


flexible and fun - bring your bubs!

Jodi Winter has loads of experience working with Mum's and bubs

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flexible and fun - bring your bubs!