the golfer

personal training studio northern beaches

I have been a part of Fitness Avenue for 5 years and enjoy my sessions with Jodi.She works you at your own pace within your own capabilities. I am 65 years old and feel I am noticeably stronger since being part of Jodi’s fitness program. I love my golf and have noticed huge improvements in my drive. No doubt that would be one of the benefits of having stronger core muscles.

Patti Formston

the +60 - the new 50

small group training northern beaches

Hi my name is Jan Cristaudo (65yrs old)​
I was introduced to Jodi and her gym Fitness Avenue by a friend. I had been looking for a gym for quite a while that would accommodate my needs, it is not easy finding the right person. That call to Jodi changed everything, I went to meet with her.....Yes, at last someone who finally understood that I was no longer 20, didn't want to be 20 but wanted exercise that was suitable for my needs. I had a couple of 1on1 sessions with Jodi and then went into a small group of people with the same way of thinking regarding exercise. What fun!​
I have been going to Fitness Avenue for four years now and have not once got bored or disinterested in the program. I make sure I do 2 of her 1hr sessions a week. It kick starts my day and I have to say it totally energises me.

A big thank you to you Jodi, as it all reflects back to you.....

the fitness nut

indoor group training northern beaches

I have been attending Jodi’s group sessions at Fitness Avenue since 2007. Before I joined I was inconsistent in my training schedule and always felt like I was running at 80%, but over the past 5 years Jodi has motivated me and kept me interested to the point where I could now never imagine going a week without my sessions. My weight, fitness and health is now better at the age of 32 than it was 10 years ago. Jodi's group sessions are well planned, interactive, intimate, tailored to each persons needs and there is always an element of fun! I also really enjoy the variety of the other people in the groups. Everyone is there to either get fit, or maintain fitness and because there is no 'big gym' feel it's a really comfortable environment to just get in and do your thing. I would highly recommend Fitness Avenue to anyone that wants to lose weight, get fit or maintain their health.

Jodey-Alice McDougall 32

the mum - or mum to be

mums and bubs

I was initially apprehensive about exercising at a gym but was put at ease straight away. Jodi has set up an environment that is inclusive of everyone, no matter who you are or what your goals are. I stumbled across Fitness Avenue in my search for cost effective ‘personal training’. I was in the midst of post natal depression and was encouraged to find some ‘me time’. Fitness Avenue became my weekly ‘me time’. Attending the gym in a small group class, albeit only once a week, significantly improved both my physical and emotional strength. (I can even do sit ups now when I had no strength when I started and have dropped a dress size too!). I am proud to tell everyone about ‘my gym’ and if you are reading this considering if Fitness Avenue is for you…give it a try….I did and I haven’t looked back!


the newcomer

group training northern beaches

‘I would sincerely like to thank Jodi for
the benefits of training at Fitness Avenue’.
I love the small intimate classes, this enables us to have that one on one attention with our sessions. Jodi has created a very safe and fun environment. Strangely it is a pleasure to have Jodi push me(ever so nicely) into shape. Jodi is considerate to each individual person and takes the time to ensure each training session is in line with that individual. She is very understanding to life's circumstances and manages to motivate us on the impossible days. Thank you once again.


Vicky Wickens

the aches and pains

small group fitness northern beaches

I started going to Fitness Avenue 3 years ago in preparation for my wedding, I felt amazing on the day and  have continued to go every week since because I enjoy it so much.
I suffered for years with bad back pain and was concerned about starting a training regime but I could not recommend Fitness Avenue more highly for anyone with an injury as Jodi is very careful to customise her classes to accommodate everyone’s needs. As well as feeling fit and healthy my back pain is no longer a problem, the strengthening work I do at the gym has been the miracle cure I had been looking for. All the classes have a great variety of people in them and it’s a friendly relaxed environment. I have temporarily moved away from the northern beaches yet I travel 2 hours twice a week to go to Jodi’s classes – I think that says it all!


Kylie Day